Friday, August 10, 2007

I have a love/hate relationship with American Apparel and here's why:

1. I love/love them because their clothes are comfortable and fabulous and who else has told people that shiny gold leggings are totally appropriate AND wearable during the daytime?

2. I hate/loath them because their stores are huge sucking drains on the environment. I say this because every time that I go by my nearest AA store at night, it's lit up like an unflattering neon x-mas tree. Put one store next to Las Vegas, and you'd notice the store first. I don't care what kind of lightbulb you're using, when your store is this bright, it's using way/way too much electricity.

To contact American Apparel, visit their site at: and kindly let them know that conservation is key.


Sugarshock said...

here's a couple of other reasons to dislike AA:

1) hipper-than-thou salespeople who look like they'd rather score some morphine than sell me an overpriced T-shirt.

2) over priced T-shirts. I understand that fair labour practices jack the price up, but come on people, it's jersey!

3) the sometimes rude, hipper-than-thou, shock-value ad campaigns.

but I must admit, they make a stylin' T-shirt.

Kristen said...


1)this new nylon flare dress I got there for only $40.00!


1)they're too cool to take checks

2)behind the counter was a book called "The Butt Book." Nudity is fine, but really, "The Butt Book?"