Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winter . in . Michigan

One thing that I hate about living in Michigan is that during the winter, you're inside...a lot. Twenty degree temperatures, two feet of snow, and a couple inches of ice isn't exactly, "lets do a lot of stuff outdoors" weather.

But most of the snow melted the other day, and yesterday I actually made it to the park to wander about and make use of the new (x-mas gift from my parents) zoom lens for my digi cam:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello . New . Year

Rather than do a "look back" post at the end of 2008, lets take a peek ahead at how (certainly) fabulous 2009 will be!

What to look for in the new year:

(1) Bright.bold.colorful Mini Skirts:

(2) Yellow.Yellow.Yellow:

(3) Pretty Sea Blue:

(4) DIY Decorating, design rules be damned. Bold wallpaper, bright colors, handmade installations, finding a unique way to display your prized possessions, etc. etc. -- anything goes. Want to artfully pile things on the floor? Why not!!

(5) Movies that don't treat us like idiots (talking.singing Chihuahua anyone?). Sure there were some good actions films, but 2008 was a year of films that rarely made me think. Hopefully we'll fare a bit better with some promising films coming out in 2009 that look to be artsy, entertaining, and don't dumb things down:

(6) Reading. Yes, reading. In an age where soundbites and summaries are becoming the normal way of getting information, don't forget to pick up an actual book. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever...but don't let anyone convince you that reading doesn't matter or is outdated.

7. A President whom we can be proud of:

Images from Style, Net-a-Porter, eLuxury, and Design Sponge

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy . Holidays . Everyone!

I'm off for a few days, but I wanted to send everyone warm holiday wishes!!

All images from the fabulous.wonderful Holiday Jenny on Flickr

Need . Last . Minute . Gifts...

...that require no shipping and that you'll feel insanely good about giving??

The Hunger Site: Gifts That Give More

The Hunger Site store has over 100 Gifts that Give more, some starting at just $10:

Feed a US Family for Five Weeks = $25
Protect Five Children with Immunizations = $10
Treat Malaria Patients = $23

Click the links above to find the gift/donation that works best for you and help out others in need this holiday season!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Majorly . In . Love...

...with the SS 09 collections from Luella:

and Derercuny:

and Christian Louboutin for Philip Lim:

Pics from Style.com

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas . Decorating

I'm not big on Christmas decorating, but this is certainly a tree that I could get behind:

Photos via (the super cute blog) Tea for Joy

Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday I made the perilous (see: this post) trip to Ikea, and...it was a success!! Despite only going for a shelf, I managed to not be tempted by the bed, the sheepskin rug, or the chaise, in hovby, that I'm sure I need. For under $300, though, we did come home with: a double bookcase with glass doors, a new coffee table, a woven rug, a cast iron skillet, three cereal bowls, two trash cans, and a partridge in a pear tree!

For my good behavior at Ikea, I was also rewarded (I like to think of it this way) with a trip to my absolute favorite vintage store: The Get Up. Located in Ann Arbor and run by two of the nicest people ever (Kelly McLeod and her husband Paul), The Get Up has an amazing stock to choose from: fabulous vintage tees (including hard-to-find 70s concert tees), cowboy boots of all sorts, stunning dresses, and pretty little accessories --

While there, I managed to pick up my now favorite sweatshirt that I'll likely have to wear for a week straight (those pesky "no shopping" resolutions don't seem to last long):

With a new location (215 S. State Street) on the ground floor, this pretty little vintage shop should be a "must visit" on your next trip to Ann Arbor.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Jigsaw is a British store (but thankfully with a USA sister-site) that offers cute, wearable clothes, and chic accessories...and I'm completely smitten with the driving gloves that they show in nearly every look!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A . Real . Wardrobe: Part I

As of late (i.e., as of trying to pay off my AmEx bill), I'm trying to be a better, wiser shopper. I love.love.love to shop. Shopping is like Prozac for me: a little bit changes my whole outlook. But my problem is that the urge to shop is always a "spur of the moment" kind of thing. I feel like I need it, I buy something, and then the urge goes away.

The difficulty comes when I realize that I have a closet full of "I need it now" purchases. So I'm trying to spend money less often on little "I'll forget about it in a season" things and to save for bigger purchases. Because when you think about it, it doesn't take very long for a lot of $60 "good deals" to add up to a brand new Louis Vuitton bag.

So here's Part I in a series about pricier investments in your wardrobe that you'll absolutely never regret. Sure, you have to save for them, but in 10 years, they'll still be the same lux classics and you'll love them even more than the day you bought them:

Bamford Drop-Waist LBD, $1995

Christian Louboutin, $700

Hermes Black 25 Birkin, ~$4,000; Black Chanel Jumbo Flap, $2695; Louis Vuitton Suhali Lockit PM, $2630, Marc Jacobs Blake, $995

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh . Dear...

Later this week I'll be on my way to one of the most potentially dangerous places around: Ikea.

I'm going "just" to get a new cabinet for the bedroom, but Ikea uses magic on you when you walk in the door: whenever I go, I'm immediately overcome by the feeling that I'm just one more piece of furniture away from the perfect house.

This, of course, is a big fat lie. But one doesn't realize that until home, with $800 worth of new furniture and decor.

But I'm weak, and haven't been able to stop thinking about how pretty that shiny white glass door cabinet will look in my house...and so to cave in totally, a little "Pretty-decorating-to-fight-the-Monday-blahs" post:

All images from Decor8