Friday, April 30, 2010

The . Weekend

It's such a lovely day out, and there's loads to do, so I'm starting the weekend just a pinch early today. I hope that your weekend is filled with oodles of fun things!

Pic: tFS

P.S. - If anyone knows where I can still get these crazy cool Jeffrey Campbell "Dipper" wedges" in a size 9, I'd love you forever! I passed on them when I could have picked them up, and as per usual, regret it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vogue . Nippon . June . 2010

I'd wear all of these clothes in a heartbeat, but I'm desperately in love with the blouse in the second to last photo... so pretty.

Pics: Studded Hearts

Wallpaper . Love

Whenever I go to the fabric store, I ending up buying a couple of yards of something pretty. Rarely do I do anything with it - I'm not much of a seamstress - but it's so lovely that I can't help myself. I have a feeling that if wallpaper were less expensive, it would be much the same - I'd just begin to collect rolls that caught my eye.

This means that by now I would have purchased nearly everything from Studio Nommo, as their wallpaper and decals are whimsical and downright stunning.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Natural . Beauty

The clothes = beautiful. The makeup = beautiful. The setting = beautiful. Completely smitten.

Pics: Models


While I wouldn't trade our three cats for the world, I do sometimes long for a bright white space (such as these) that would be blissfully free of pet hair. Of course, even if there were no animals, one of the spaces above would still need to come with a maid, as I might have tiny aneurysms every time I tried to clean something that white.

Pics: Emma's Design Blog and White Trash Beautiful

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vogue . Turkey . March . 2010

Pics: Models

Wishful . Sun . Scattered . Sea

These images are so soft and spare, but still so lovely. Also, is it possible that it will ever become popular to wear pretty headdresses? Because whatever she's wearing in that second photograph is desperately cool.

Pics: The Photography Link

Monday, April 26, 2010

UPS . I . Love . You

...because whenever you stop by my house, it means that something good is coming! For instance, today you brought me...

Prada!! I'm smitten with the bright red color, as it will go with pretty much everything. I only have LV goodies (+ a cute journal from my mom) to tote about inside it, but I think they'll get along nicely.

Pretty . Laundry

I really thought that my laundry room would be the easiest part of the house to finish - paint white, add cute decorative touches, and voila! The space did get new white paint, but other than hooking up the washer and dryer, not much else has happened. It doesn't have any natural light, so maybe that's why I've lost my way with the space. Hopefully I'll get inspired to do something pretty this summer!

Pics: Canadian House & Home

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Atlanta . de . Cadenet

Absolutely loving this girl!! For an eighteen year old, this girl's fashion sense is insanely cool.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Have . a . Spectacular . Weekend

If the rain manages to hold off, we'll be plotting out our vegetable garden this weekend! Whatever everyone else is up to, I do hope it's wonderful!

Prima . Ballerina

Love the nude colors, the tulle, and the heavy shoes with such light clothes. And speaking of shoes, does anyone know a place online to find the Celine wedges that she's wearing in the middle photo? I'm not usually a big fan of anything that's even vaguely clog-like, but these are wonderful!

Pics: ObsessionMIA

A . Collection

I simply love how { old bottles } + { magazines } + { little metal shelf } = the prettiest display. Nothing here is very expensive, so wouldn't this (or something similar) be a wonderful way to easily create an area of interest in a room? Love this idea!

Pic: Design Sponge

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Michael . Woolley

Pics: Michael Woolley, Photographer

Something { a little darker } This Way Comes

Pics: Solid Frog, MyFarmhouse, Tim Bjorn, and WTB