Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fly . Away

This room is incredibly spare, but it just feels magical to me...

...the little bluebirds remind me of Cinderella -- like it's possible that they'll take off with that dress form & measuring tape at any moment!

Pic: House of Turquoise

Monday, September 28, 2009

Muse . #19

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Play . Along

I'm stealing this from the fabulous blog, Daydream Lily (she said we could!), because it seems like fun to play and pass along!

Reading... The Family, by Jeff Sharlet, and looking forward to picking up Jon Krakauer's newest, Where Men Win Glory.

Listening...Les Voix Humaines by Jordi Savall

Cooking...Butternut Squash! It's perfect this time of year, and it goes with/on everything. The other night I had it baked with tilapia and brussel sprouts.

Wanting... (1) The semester to be over already. Since it just started, is this bad? (2) To head to Stratford, ON to see a couple of plays this October and eat at some of the fabulous restaurants there.

Making...Starter vines for the little hanging glass jars I picked up over the weekend.

Loving...The cooler weather! Today it finally feels like fall, and I can bundle up in a blazer and cozy scarf.

Feel free to join in and do this post, comment me if you do so I can come read yours. Also you don't have to strictly stick with these headings, full details on the game are here...

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This movie looks FABULOUS and like it could be a decent scary film!! But it won't come to your city unless enough people demand it!!

Fall . Fashion . Inspiration

Ashley Olsen in NY; Pic: tPF

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Unless you live in someplace like Chicago, New York, or Toronto, the brick & mortar design resources that you have access to are pretty limited. This means a lot of online shopping for the perfect pieces for your home. Of all of the online browsing that I do, one of the loveliest stores that I've come across is Terrain.

Their b&m is located in Pennsylvania, but thankfully they've recently added an online shop! All of the items in the store have a rustic vibe, but they aren't too Country Living.

I'm kind of obsessed with their metal lanterns, all of which have designs that are hand-hammered:

Since the dining room wallpaper that we're getting has a bit of silver in the background, I think these would be the perfect accent!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Handmade . Rainbow . Messenger

A little bit ago, I got an e-mail from a reader in Austria about a bag that she had made. Karin was inspired by a bag that I wrote about earlier in the year, and I have to say that I what she came up with!

I like the slightly worn look to the leather and detailng. Where my bag is definitely a summer only bag, this pretty little thing would be perfect to use year round!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today was a very long day. I had conferences with my writing students for much of the day, which is not bad, but very tiring. However, after I was done I knew I could look forward to running errands (aka, shopping). So in between, I decided to stop home to recoup for a minute.

When I get home, the house is a mess -- something I actually wouldn't care about at this point, until B. informs me that company is stopping by. Ugh. B. believes that he does not have to clean on his days off, but it's fine if I clean on my days off (or clean on the days I work for that matter). So this + company news = me, not happy.

Thankfully I must have accumulated some very good karma, because after cleaning the house (as well as possible), I not only go out shopping to find the blazer I'm hoping is still in store, but it's also in my size, AND it turns out to be made from cozy jersey fabric, AND it's 75% off!!

In my fantasy life I would also be able to pair it with these fabulous black buckle boots from Fiorentini & Baker (if that fantasy life involved me having a lot more money).

So I'm not sure if the blazer entirely made up for B. not wanting to do any cleaning ever, but it certainly helped!

P.S. -- I completely forgot to mention that the blazer is from AEROPOSTALE.

Daily . Cuteness

Pic: I completely forgot where I snatched this from, so if you've seen it before, let me know!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wallpaper . {Crush}

Toward the end of the summer, both my exuberance for remodeling my new house and my desire to pour over new design ideas waned a bit. B. and I spent much of the summer working on getting things done in the house, and we just got a pinch tired. But now that a new season has arrived (after a much need "remodeling break"), my excitement for moving on to other rooms of the house has returned!

Last week I finally took the plunge and ordered the Osborne & Little "Davidia" wallpaper that I had been hemming and hawing about for awhile now:

It's going to go on one long wall in the dining room! I know that it's bold, but our paint color palette is fairly muted (greys, creams, white), so a bit of "wow" here and there will be marvelous.

Though now I must admit that I've got wallpaper on the brain. I'm still thinking about how to design my studio, and I'm considering a feature wall in this amazing paper from Anthropologie:

Part of it has a bird and a fish KISSING!! It's not cheap, but you wouldn't need much of it either.

What do you think about this wallpaper?? Also, based on the rooms that we've finished so far, does it seem like something that would go with the feel of the house?


I love this room because it reminds me of a piece of candy!

Pic: House of Turquoise

Velvet . Magazine . {August 09}

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shop . Update {sneak peek}

Lots of cute new things coming to Pretty Little World Vintage soon! Keep an eye out for this glittery constellation tunic and red flutter dress:

Mulberry . SS 10

I want ALL of these gorgeous outfits!!

Kids' . Corner

I don't have children, but I'm quite certain that if I had a daughter, I would immediately purchase this cutest little cashmere jumper:

Girl's Cashmere Debardeur at Oyoyo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A . Happy . Saturday

Yesterday was a perfectly gorgeous sunny fall day, and with a few errands to run, B. and I spent much of Saturday traipsing about Ann Arbor. We almost always start off by going our separate ways -- he heads to the record stores, and I go clothes shopping -- and then wander to a variety of other things.

This weekend we met a friend on campus. There were tons of people everywhere because of the UofM football game, but the busyness couldn't ruin how lovely everything looked:

Then we got to eat dinner at my fav vegetarian restaurant, Seva. I had one of their AMAZING specials, Pumpkin Manicotti with Goat Cheese and Asparagus:

...each of those manicotti shells was stuffed with a mixture of blended pumpkin and scrumptious spices! B. had the Pasta Alla Bosca, which is penne with mushrooms, peppers, and soy sausage:

Afterwards we walked around to a couple of bookstores and then got to stop at the happiest grocery store on the planet, Whole Foods, so that I could grab a couple of black/white cookies, and B. could get some bleu cheese to bring home! Overall it was a simply lovely way to spend the day!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

Fall . Trend {Thigh High Boots}

Of several popular fall trends, thigh high boots were by far the favorite. These tallest of all boots certainly aren't for everyone, but if you can pull them off, there are tons to choose from this fall!

There are also two different styles (well, three, if you count the vinyl ones that are for prostitutes): boots that have a slightly looser fit at the thigh -- these are best for wearing over jeans or leggings:

Chloe "Crosta" Boots, $1300.00
Chloe Flat Boot, $1295.00
Costume National, $1455.00

The second style is a bit more skin-tight, and they're mean to go under mini dresses and skirts. The effect is almost such that you're wearing very well-fitted leather pants:

Stuart Weitman "Hilo" Boot, $650.00
Stella McCartney Faux Leather Boot, $1355.00

If thigh high boots are a bit too high (and expensive), there are a lot of over-the-knee boots that are a bit more wearable, affordable, and give you a similar look:

7 for All Mankind, $550.00
Sam Edelman "Jackson" Boot, $199.00
Chinese Laundry "Nikka" Boot, $160.00