Saturday, May 31, 2008

pretty . little . colors

Domino Magazine recently had a feature on different paint colors and how they really transform a space and create a special room. The result? Some of the loveliest living areas ever!

(then again, I rather feel that any space would be magical if you had a peacock that lived with you!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

hippie . hippie . chic

Rachel Bilson almost always looks adorable, and today - out and about in Hollywood wearing white flowy dress, Saks Fifth Avenue blazer, Tod's Softy Media Messenger, and sandals - was no exception:

Want her look for less?

(click for larger photo)(all items from

Thursday, May 29, 2008

umm, what?

I have to admit that I've been puzzled by a recurring feature in US magazine for some time now. I don't really understand their, "Stars, They're Just Like Us," section.

This always contains pics of stars doing...wait for it...normal things:



Does something happen to you when you become famous that sucks all of your life skills away? I feel like this feature may be some attempt at trying to make us feel as though we're no different from celebrities, but it's ridiculous. (1) It's not a surprise that celebrities do any of the mundane things that they're photographed doing (2) Unless you make a seven figure salary, are paid to look pretty, and constantly have photographers trailing you around, celebrities ARE DIFFERENT.

To US Magazine: STOP with the nonsense.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kate . bosworth . in . harper's . bazaar

Kate Bosworth is beautiful, and effortlessly so. But I'm getting to be of the opinion that she needs to start eating again. Perhaps her model boyfriend is causing her to be a stickler about what she eats (or doesn't eat), but if she's not careful she's going to slip back into that phase where she looked a lot like Gollum. (not good.)

Yet still, in the newest issue of Harper's, she does look rather dazzling:

Also, does anyone know who makes the bag that she's been carrying recently (photos below)?? I've tried everything to track this one down, but to no avail. Let me know if you recognize it and I'd you, for, like, ever!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

pretty . little . furniture

When I imagine my dream house, I imagine not just what the house itself will look like, but all of the lovely.comfy.amazing furniture that will fill each room. Though I think with the number of sofas that I'm enamored with, I'll perhaps have to have three or four living rooms (or living room, parlour, sitting area in the bedroom, office??).

After stumbling across Spruce Home on ETSY, I may have to expand my vision to two full dream houses, as their custom furniture is so stunning:

For custom pieces this well-crafted and this pretty, their prices are a steal!

(I'm off now to convice the DF that the Poppy Bench is perfect for our sun porch!)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

glamourously . gorgeous

Piles of celebrities recently showed up for amFar's Cinema Against AIDS benefit (it's held in France during the Cannes Film Fest). While Rose McGowan and Natlie Portman looked smashing in dresses straight off of the runway, Madonna looked a bit on the dowdy side.

Natalie is in Givenchy; Rose in Dolce & Gabbana; Madonna in Stella McCartney

a . little . white . sigh

Of all of the things that I found over the past weekend, below is by far my favorite:

Vintage . white . TULLE . dress

Monday, May 19, 2008


Along with being a lovely place for vintage hunting, Cleveland has one of my all time favorite places to shop: Anthropologie, aka, The Happiest Store on the Planet. Today I was very.very.very bad because they had many things that I adored. My DF bought me a pretty little cardigan, and I managed to scoop up another two dresses and summer sweater as well:

I actually bought the last dress above in cream and black; I'm going to wear the sunshine yellow cardigan over it and belt it at the natural waist with a thin black patent belt.

little . {sort of english} . cottage

One of the best things about heading from Michigan to Ohio for a few days on a buying trip is staying at B.'s mum's house. It's

g o r g e o u s.

It's a two-story yellow brick house (no yellow brick road, unfortunately) that was built in the early 1800s by a revolutionary war vet. It's tucked pretty far back off of the road and has all of the charm of a house in the English countryside.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

pretty . little . paintings

The other day as I was browsing around, I came across the work of painter Stella Im Hultberg. She paints in predominately oil and ink on paper that's been stained with tea. The effect that this creates is terribly interesting and captivating; the medium allows her the precision of ink drawings, with the fluidity of watercolor. Two of my favorites:

Like Noah's Dove. ink and oil on tea-stained paper. 12"x9". ©2006. Stella Im Hultberg

No Difference. ink and oil on tea-stained paper. 9"x12". 2006. Stella Im Hultberg

You can see more from Ms. Hultberg (and read her blog) at StellaImHultberg

Friday, May 16, 2008

It. of. the. day.

Fendi Platform Satin Bow Pump, $655.00:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

fighting. spirit

Rhianna was seen out and about today with her cutest.puppy.ever (whom I would absolutely steal if I had the chance!!) and her other accessory - a Burberry Warrior bag.

This version of the bag retails for a pinch over $3,000.00 and was available online at Net-a-Porter, but has now sold out.

Like the bag and have a bit more cash to burn? Pick up the version below for a mere $27,000!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy. Mom's. Day

Need a last minute gift for mom?

Coach Tattersall Zip Wallet and Coach Signature Print Scarf, both at

Cupcake photo from

Saturday, May 10, 2008

my. very. fashiony. dream

I typically tend to dream on the strange side of things, but last night my dream was very fashiony, so I thought this would be the perfect place to share it!

The dream began with me going with a friend to her eye surgery. This apparently wasn't very serious, as we were meeting her mom - as played by Karen Allen - and some of our other friends at a fashion show right after. (note:our cool, art hipster friends.)

We went to her doctor's office, which was on a college campus, and in the waiting room I saw two people who I knew in middle school and hated. One of the girls came up to me and said my name. I said, "No, sorry," and then went to sit down.

When her surgery was done, we went to - get this - Derek Lam's fashion show, that was for some reason being held in a high school gymnasium. We met our friends and her mother and watched the fashion show. I said it was, "not quite runway, not quite ready-to-wear." (whatever that means.) I fell in love with a red and white star printed dress and decided I wanted to order it.

We all went backstage where there were TONS of people. In the dream, one of the guys I knew - as played by Peter Krause!!!!! - was trying to get another friend to do heroin. I went to ask why he was doing that, he sort of blew it off and then kissed me. All the while I could only think, "I had better not sleep with him - he's a heroin addict."

After this, I was looking at another area backstage where there was a bouncer. But when I got through to this other area, everyone had left. I went back out to my friends, and another of my cool art hipster friends was trying to do some sort of trick with salt and a french fry, then got disappointed because he couldn't do it right anymore.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

celeb. style.

Rachel Bilson's outfit today is just cute.cute.cute! She was seen out and about in skinny black jeans, vintage tee, scarf (Park Vogel), Chanel sunnies, bow flats, and Dior Babe Bag:

Get the look for less:

(1)BDG Black Cigarette Jeans, $54.00, Urban Outfitters; (2)Vintage Raglan Tee, $16.00, Forever21; (3)Black skimmer, $19.00, Urban Outfitters; (4)Square Printed Scarf, $20.00, Urban Outfitters; (5)Twilight Aviators, $16.00, Urban Outfitters

discount. thursday

At least (at least) once a week, I get the urge to go shopping. This is not a practical urge, as I believe I'm supposed to save money for things like, bills, groceries, gas, etc.

So one of my favorite places to get a quick shopping fix is Forever21. Not all of their clothes are great, and sometimes it takes at least an hour of rummaging through the overstuffed racks to find something suitable. However, after all of that I can usually come out of the store with a piece to refresh my wardrobe for under $30.00.

Here are some of the cute.cute things they have now:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

style. of. the. day.

Leelee Sobieski is somewhat of an enigma - she's an actress, though rarely seems to actually act in anything anymore, and she pops up randomly at premieres/events, where people refer to her as though she's in about five films a year.

But, mystery or not, she looked gorgeous at the recent Wanted and Desired Premiere:

Get her look for less:

(1)Lauren Conrad Frankie dress, $154.00, at

(2)Via Spiga Metallic double-wrap belt, $98.00, at Nordstrom