Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bright . and . Airy

I {love} how this bright and open space is punctuated with dark wallpaper feature walls and colorful accents! I could easily settle into such a pretty space.

Pics: Alvhem

Friday, February 26, 2010

Have . a . Colorful . Weekend

We're in the midst of getting another zillion or so feet of snow. Aside from being just plain sick of seeing snow, I hate it because it makes me want to hole up and be a big lazy butt.

But I might try and dig myself out for an auction tomorrow, and perhaps we'll find the energy for dinner or a movie. Hopefully everyone else will have a fabulous weekend, and if you're in warmer climates, enjoy the sunshine for me!!

Pics: fffound

Dazed . and . Confused . Feb . 2010

Model : Ranya Mordanova
Photographer : Ben Toms
Styling : Katie Shillingford

Backstage . at . Christopher . Kane

I don't usually like Christopher Kane - the collections are gorgeous, but just not my aesthetic. However, these bright florals embroidered on jet black leather are wonderful!

Pics: Inside-Out

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just . Gorgeous

Pic: Garance Dore

Plant . Life

I'm sort of insanely luck that B. is not only willing, but likes to take care of all of our plants. Otherwise there would be a stark lack of plants in our house, as I would have easily killed them off long ago.

Pics: Elle Decor, Living, Etc., Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let . the . Butler . Get . It

I feel like this is a room in which you couldn't be anything but snobbish. It's a bit Gosford Park. Totally amazing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vogue . Espana . March . 2010

More Anja. Love. That last look = gorgeous.

Pics: tFS

Patchwork . Princess

The ever wonderful Cece from one of my longtime favorite blogs (in all of its incarnations), Rock & Revolution, posted these ├╝ber cool pants over the weekend and I'm smitten. They remind me of a pair of jeans that I had (so long ago now that I won't even mention just how long) and loved to death.

Don't they seem just as cool now as they did, you know, whenever that was?

Pic: Outsapop via Rock & Revolution

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vuitton . Sprouse . Leopard . Scarf

I've always had a liking for this Louis Vuitton scarf, but it's not until recently that I've really started to want one. And of course, as is with most of the things I crave, it's very expensive. $715 for a single scarf. And from what everyone says, it gets runs easily. But still, it's oh so pretty...

Pics: tFS and Wayne Tippetts

The . Look

I love this!! This is an outfit that I'd want to wear absolutely every day!!

Pic: Altamira

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The . Low . Down

We don't have a house that's quite right for this style, but I can still admire it from afar. Low sofas might seem a little too "college dorm room" if not for the sophisticated and bright colors/prints. I feel like these would be crazy/amazing for entertaining -- just add wine and good friends!!

Pics: Flickr, Apartment Therapy, and DesiretoInspire

Friday, February 19, 2010

Have . a . Dreamy . Weekend

I've got some updates for the shop coming, a little work around the house to do, and I think we'll try and sneak off to see Shutter Island at some point. What is everyone else up to?

Pics: Vicki King, Barbara Vidal, Dripbook, Carlos Buendia, and Daydream Lily

Lanvin . I . Hate . You

... but only because I love you so much! Today I found EXACTLY what I want to wear to get married in. EXACTLY. I've lusted over beautiful wedding dresses before, but this is the first time I've said, "That is what I want to be married in."

It's perfect. It has little sleeves, it's got a slim silhouette, it's not too frou frou, and it has just enough detail to make it special.

It's actually a tiered skirt and top. While the top is a very manageable "I'd order you right now" $600, the skirt costs... wait for it... $3200.00. Big pouty, frowny face.

I've spent a good chunk of change before on a bag or a fur vest, but $3200 on a skirt just seems like, well, a lot. Le sigh...


After the supermodels of the 90s, there seemed to be a short period where everyone on the catwalk was a pinch bland. But that has definitely passed, as there are girls out there now with crazy/amazing looks. Constance Jablonski = a favorite.

Pics: Grey Magazine

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Office . Space

I know what furniture is going to be living in our new office nook, but decorating a small space is an entirely new challenge. Perhaps I'll absorb some ideas from these loveliest of work spaces!

Pics: Living, etc.