Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Spring Suit

Just a day after Christmas, it hardly seems like we should be thinking about Spring fashion, but with as gorgeous.glam.wonderful as these suits are, there's no doubt that wait lists have already started.

Suits are also much less the matchy-matchy pants/jacket or skirt/jacket combo from the past. They're bright pieces that come in all shapes: cropped jackets, wide-leg trousers, pencil skirts, bow-tie secretary blouses, etc. And no matter which option you choose, you're guaranteed to look polished, professional, and be the envy of everyone you work with!

Louis Vuitton, Spring 08

Gucci, Spring 08

Chanel, Spring 08

Max Azria, Spring 08

Pringle of Scotland, Spring 2008

All images from

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mix and Match

Any girl who loves/loves Sex and the City knows how fab Carrie's outfits were, but also how in real life they'd be pretty unwearable. But some ideas were keepers. One such is layering patterns and colors that are opposites for a bold and striking effect.

That's why the outfit below (ultra bright kimono over a black and white striped tee) works so perfectly:

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Perfect Fall Outfit...$$$

The Perfectly Chic Fall Outfit: Part 2 (otherwise known as the "I spend at least $10,000 a month just on clothes outfit")

The combo below may not be cheap, but it's certainly sexy, modern, and utterly wearable:

(1) Nina Ricci ribbon-wrap jeans for $890.00 at; (2) Lidi Celine sweater for $170.00 at; (3) Christian Louboutin Miss Boxe wedges for $675.00 at; and (4) Magashoni cashmere scarf in dusty rose for $80.00 at

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The perfect (and perfectly chic) fall outfit

One of the lovely things about fall (when it actually gets cool enough to really be fall) is layering - you really get to play with clothes and how they mix together. And unless you've packed on another 20 pounds just by getting dressed, it's a trend that's hard to mess up.

Below is the perfect layered outfit for - and you might want to sit down for this - under $150!! Shoes included!

(1) Poly-blend dress for $40.00, (2) Slate gray leggings for $26.00, and (3) leg warmers for $14.00, all from American Apparel. (4) Super soft Basket-weave scarf for $20.00 from World Market. (5) Love bangle (have at least 3 on at a time) for $5.50 from Forever21. And (6) Silver ankle-strap flats for $19.50 from Old Navy.

And that's a grand total of $136.00.

The best thing about these pieces is that they can all be used with other pieces; the dress can be worn with metallic pumps for a night out, or over jeans and with a slouchy sweater cardigan for coffee. And so on. And so on.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Accessory to Have

Every season, there's a slew of new "must have" accessories. All of the goodies that come out are fabulous - I'm still thinking about those Proenza Schouler gladiator platforms - but unless you have a supermodel bank account, you just can't have everything.

So what about an accessory that's trendy, designer, and has lasting appeal? The portfolio. A classic portfolio - ala vintage Gucci or Louis Vuitton - has recognition, looks super chic, and is practical. Both of the cases below can hold papers (perfect for job hunting), a couple of magazines for travel, or they even work as laptop cases!

The vintage Gucci can be found every now and then on eBay (or in designer resale shops) and you can find the Vuitton Portfolio on for $425.00.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Piece by Piece

Building the perfect wardrobe has to be one of the most difficult things on the planet - and yes, I do put this above neurosurgery, gastronomy, and sending people into space. The reason? Building the perfect wardrobe is a neverending task. Once you send someone to the moon, you've done it - there's a sense of completion. Fashion changes monthly. A great wardrobe today won't work two years from now. And also, what defines a great wardrobe? Most fashion writers say that there are 10 (or sometimes 12) key pieces that a person needs in any closet: a trench coat, a little black dress, a white/white shirt, etc. Well, not me.

What you need is just one piece. One piece of clothing that is totally and utterly you. A piece that will make you feel comfortable, confident and glamorous, no matter what.

Once you've found this piece, then you can start to build the perfect wardrobe. Because this one piece of clothing will tell you all you need to know about your style: what am I most comfortable in? Am I classic? punk? hippie-ish? what's my "color palette?" Am I frills or fewer frills (there's just no such thing as a no frills fashionista)?

My one piece is a Chanel sweater from the 02 collection that I couldn't bear living without. It cost $1800.00 (next to my car, it's the most expensive thing that I own) and because it's white and quite expensive, I don't wear out just to grab coffee. But most importantly: I feel better knowing that for me, it's perfect, and it's in my closet.

And speaking of my closet, the rest of it seems to be a lot like this cardigan: pretty cozy, not overly structured, and quite girly.

What's your "one piece?"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

color. by. binding.

This will likely sound like a pretty dorky suggestion, but it's easy (as far as decorating goes), so give it a try first: organize your books by color. While this might not make books the easiest to find, it makes a statement. And best of all? It will change the look of your room FOR FREE! Try it on just one shelf first - I promise you'll be surprised at how cluttered your others books seem in comparison.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I. love/love. Emily. Martin

Emily Martin, a.k.a. The Black Apple, has long been one of my favorite sellers on ETSY ( Her paintings are the most wonderful, magical creations. I love/love all of them, and so it took some time for me to decide which I would most like to have on my walls. This past week, I made my purchase (I chose three) and they just arrived, as wonderful as I hoped they would be:

Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh My Fendi!

I'm certain that Fendi can do no wrong. Two years ago I lusted after their multi-color lizard skin pumps; last year it was a bright blue medium B Bag; this year I've repeatedly nagged my boyfriend for this amazingly beautiful Multicolor Convertible "To You" Bag. (I've even told him that "to you" means it's perfect for a gift!) The bag is ultra spacious, and can be used as a shoulder bag, or converted into a clutch.

You can snatch this bag up from for a somewhat reasobable $1300.00 (well, reasonable for a gorgeous leather bag from Fendi.)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

daria. for. h&m.

I love/love Daria Werbowy. In fact, if I could be anyone else, Daria Werbowy would be near, if not at, the top of my list. I also love/love H&M - they have uber cute clothes for not much money. I do not, however, love the new Daria for H&M ad campaign. She far.far.far outshines the clothes. The ads just look like photos of Daria in a puddle of gray fabric. Blah.

love. your. kitchen.

I've always felt (even though it's not likely true) that the perfect house = the perfect life. So a portion of each week is given over to imagining what my future dream house will be like (can we all safely agree to blame Barbie for this?).

I have very specific ideas of what my bedroom and kitchen will look like. A lot of my inspiration for these rooms comes from magazines like Cottage Living, where photos of the most adorable houses in the world go to live. And while I love each and every cottage house, I cringe when I hear things like, "We had to spend an extra $10,000 to get the room how we wanted it...." The room??? That would be my budget for redoing whatever house I end up buying!

So here's an idea to help get "the perfect kitchen" that won't add $$$$ to your decorating budget: rather than refinishing kitchen cabinets (which cost a pretty penny), rip off the cabinet doors entirely, and wallpaper the backs (or bottoms and tops too if you like) with the prettiest wallpaper you can find. Or if you want to spend a bit extra, fit the cabinets with glass doors (this will let the paper show through, and cut down on the dusting a bit).

Pretty Little World loves the coral wallpaper below from (And they have loads of other lovely papers).

Saturday, September 22, 2007

a. little. bird. told. me.

While there are definitely some trends that are seasonal - i.e. jeweled sandals don't work as well in two feet of snow - there are some things that Pretty Little World loves/loves to see all year round. Cute little bird jewelry is just such a thing. These pieces always seem classic and will add the right amount of cheer to any outfit, no matter how many layers you have on to stay warm.

Any of the lovely little pieces below would fit the bill. Clockwise from left: (1) Owl earrings from for $9.00; (2) Bird on a Ring Ring from Madamebijoux at for $11.50; (3) Silver Bird ring also at for $28.00; and (4) Bird necklace in black imogene at for $49.00.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fab for Fall: Scarves

I've never been a "scarf person" before. I tried. I always wanted to be chic enough to just throw on a scarf and have it be the perfect end to my outfit. But that never worked out. Whenever I used to put a scarf on, I either looked: (a) like my grandmother; or (b) like there was some weird, leftover fabric from my shirt hanging near my neck. Neither of these was the look I was going for.

But this fall, that's all changed. I've found scarves - and a way of wearing them - that's seems effortlessly cool and classic. (Yay!!) And while scarves are everywhere this fall - and showed up in nearly every designer's collection - there are Yea! scarves and Nay! scarves.

Below is an uber-cute punky scarf from Balenciaga. Pretty Little World loves scarves with unusual detailing, like the stitched in coins below, or thin metal chains, or metallic threading.
An example of something that would never work in the real world, and barely works on the runway in RTW collections: scarves that weigh twice as much as you do. I can't even imagine finding the room to store one of these knit pieces, let alone imagine myself wearing one to the nearest Starbucks for my morning latte. (How would I even raise my arms, or get the cup near my mouth?)
Need a couple of ideas for lovely-but-practical scarves? Try these two below: The left is a houndstooth cashmere scarf from Bajra, and is available at for $425.00. If you need to be a bit more budget conscious, try the equally appealing shredded scarf from for $20.00.

I love YSL too, but enough already!

Don't get me wrong, I love/love YSL - I fawn over the design house's shoes every season - but while last year's Muse Bag was nice (not my favorite), people need to stop copying. This includes EVERYONE who has since come out with a nearly identical bag.

The original Muse from YSL:

Forever 21's take: And this fall Banana Republic has jumped on board:

Shouldn't a muse be inspirational? Shouldn't you want to go out and create your own "of-the-moment-$1000-bag?"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pretty Little Decorating Tips: Part 2

While there's a decorator inside all of us, most of us would need help, help, help when it comes to actually putting together a room that's "together." Thinking of a cohesive color scheme is something that's particularly troublesome (I speak for myself, at least). One super cute idea is to let someone else do the work for you...and no, I don't mean hire a professional.

A great way to get inspiration for a room (or any project) is to look in places where you already have a great, coordinated color palette that you know you love. Eye shadow palettes will do just this trick. Find a color combo that you think is to die for, and then do your room accordingly.

Take the compact in your hot little hand, and run to the fabric store, Pier 1 Imports, the craft store, etc. and get things for your room in the colors that are in your shadow palette. Voila! You're a professional interior designer!

Pretty Little World's favorite: The shadow below (Teal Cake) from Pop! Eye Cake Shadows (this and more colors available at

Pretty Little Decorating Ideas

Everyone suffers from compulsive decorating syndrome, i.e. the need to change the way your house looks once a week/month/year. Yet for those of us on a budget, often our only way to satisfy this craving is to rearrange the furniture and buy a new lamp.

Want to totally transform your room and not completely empty your wallet? Consider hanging a pretty curtain on a bare wall that has no windows. This is ten times easier than repainting, and if you get sick of it? Take it down and buy a different curtain! If you've got the wall space, try letting about a foot of the wall near the ceiling show - it will make the room look larger by elongating the wall.

Also make sure that you don't have any furniture directly against the wall/curtain - you don't want ordinary jostling to keep tugging at your pretty new wall.

One place where the curtain will look especially lovely - the bedroom! Try getting a tufted headboard, then put the curtain on the wall behind your bed.

Consider the curtain/headboard combo shown below (from

Happy decorating!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

what I love/love for fall 2007

I have to say that at first I hated/hated boots and booties without toes, but then I saw these by Balenciaga and fell completely in love with them!

This coat by Dennis Basso is almost too yummy for words!

Paige Premium Denim makes jeans that fit well and are ultra comfortable - these wide-leg Hillhurst jeans are no exception.
Ultra-versatile chunky heeled oxfords from Marc by Marc Jacobs (available at

This adorably cute shirt from Jovovich-Hawk (available at is wearable with any kind of jean, and perfect for the weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I have a love/hate relationship with American Apparel and here's why:

1. I love/love them because their clothes are comfortable and fabulous and who else has told people that shiny gold leggings are totally appropriate AND wearable during the daytime?

2. I hate/loath them because their stores are huge sucking drains on the environment. I say this because every time that I go by my nearest AA store at night, it's lit up like an unflattering neon x-mas tree. Put one store next to Las Vegas, and you'd notice the store first. I don't care what kind of lightbulb you're using, when your store is this bright, it's using way/way too much electricity.

To contact American Apparel, visit their site at: and kindly let them know that conservation is key.