Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIY Headband {Butterflies}

One of the things that I love/love that's popped up in a few stores on ETSY is the headband covered in butterflies. I really wanted to get one to wear for Halloween, but couldn't bring myself to spend $30-$50 on a headband that I'd probably only wear one day. It would be nice to wear all of the time, but in reality, people would probably stare (and not in the good way).

So I wanted to see if I could do a DIY version that wasn't so costly -- and I managed one that I'm quite happy with for only $4.99!

1. Procure fake butterflies from a craft/hobby store. I got mine at Michaels; a whole package of them for $4.99

2. The butterflies that I got already had little wires attached to them (though if yours didn't, you could substitute jewelry wire for a few dollars extra.

3. I then started to wind the wire to attach them to a headband. I used a two strand one that I already had. {Mine wraps all of the way around my head, but I would recommend a hard one that slides on and off more easily)

4. Attach as many or as few as you'd like, and then, presto, butterfly headband!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Merit . Badge

Okay. So, I hated being in Girl Scouts when I was a kid. Hated. But maybe if we could have an adult version, with crafts, baking, and field trips, I would participate. And we could use these amazing/amazing merit badges from Lee Meszaros:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shop . Update

New goodies just arrived in the Pretty Little World Vintage store!

Vintage . Miss . Stitch . Plum . Dress

And in other good news, our sun porch makeover got featured on Casa Sugar today!


Everything outside of our house is such a lovely shade of yellow right now... even a little late blooming daisy!

Fashionable . Threesomes

Weren't these the days...

...when Blake didn't always look just shy of being a prostitute (albeit a high class, expensively dressed one), and Taylor was, well, not looking like a goth trollop?

Diane looks pretty fabulous as usual (wouldn't you just kill for her designer connections??). I think the other two girls are from 90210 or Melrose Place or some other show I don't watch, because I watched it the first time they made it... but they look pretty fabulous as well.

Pics: PopSugar

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall . Fashion . Inspiration

Pic: The Sartorialist

Home . Inspirations {Bathrooms}

While I'll use the color palette we've chosen for our house, I'm absolutely holding onto these photos as inspiration for when we've saved enough to completely remodel the upstairs bathroom. It has all of the elements (stand-alone tub, stand-up shower, etc.) that I'd like, and this bathroom has it all in a small space (which we have too).

Pics: House of Turquoise

The . New . Cool

...also, is it weird that I kind of want the couch more than I want the clothes?

Pics: Saga Magazine via Fashion Copious

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Topsy . Turvy

I'm very excited today because my studio/our guest room is almost complete!! {little "hooray" for finishing projects!} There are a few things that I still need to get up on the walls, but the most important part of the room is now finished!!

I decided to order the Topsy Turvy wallpaper from Anthropologie and I couldn't be happier with the choice! My mother - who is a saint - came over yesterday to put up the paper on one wall, and she did a smashing job of it!! I decided to go with just a feature wall in the studio, as it's a small room, and a bold print everywhere would be far too overwhelming.

My dress form will also be against this wall, though right now it's just my trusty antique wooden wheelchair there. The wheelchair was a crazy/amazing find from Ruth at The Salvage Yard. All it needs now is a cushion!

The studio will hopefully be done within the week, and I'll post more pictures as soon as it is! (If I'm not too busy staring at my pretty new wall, that is!)


...the perfect shoot, just in time for Halloween.

Pics: Elle UK via Fashion Copious


Not that I ever need much of an excuse to browse through all of the stores on ETSY, but since we've gotten almost all of the furniture for our new house, I've had more time to focus on the little details. We didn't have too much to go on the the walls before, because it always seemed a little silly to shop for art to go with a house we didn't own.

Late last week I came across Trampoline, a shop that sells a fabulous mix of original art and vintage items. One of the things that I immediately ordered was a piece of an early 19th century book on moss, mushrooms, and lichens.

The detailing and pretty color on these make them kind of perfect (for any room in any house, really), and the age makes them practically one-of-a-kind; after all, how often do you come across prints from the early 1800s in a condition this lovely?

There are a few more left, $25.00/each, available at Trampoline.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue . Monday

Pics: xjavierx, karyodimejo20102, and More Than Gray on Flickr