Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pony . Up

Seriously. Ponies. Tiny ponies. As jewelry. ♥

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Piece Three Ways

The Dress: Silk Ruffle Dress from Banana Republic, on sale in store for $59.00


Cropped Blazer from UO (similar style here); Vintage rhinestone brooch; Celine espadrilles


Banana Republic necklace, Balenciaga slingbacks, Forever21 earrings, vintage rhinestone bracelet


UO striped cardigan, on sale for $14.99, vintage boat shoes, the boyfriend's watch

Today was closet cleaning/reorganization day, and oh boy, it was a doozy. I often get frustrated in the mornings when I'm trying to put an outfit together, and then that can throw the whole day off. The other day I saw a quote from a French fashion editor who said that she didn't understand the size of American's closets - "How can you dress well with so many clothes?" And that seems about right. I've tried to simplify before, but alas, it almost never works. Whenever I can't find an outfit I like, I just go out and buy something that feels right in the moment.

So, that strategy = a lot that doesn't go with anything else.

Today I got rid of over 100 things. Yes, 100+ pieces of clothing. And you know what? My closet looks and feels fine. Come the end of the week, I probably won't even remember what I got rid of.

So this new series for the blog - One Piece Three Ways - is inspired by my trying to make do with less and really be happy with it.


Pictures: Dustjacket Attic, Irina the Lonely White Dove, Elle Turkey March 2011, Bruno Barabazan, and Zephyrance

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robin's . Egg

Pictures: Marjorie Miller "Queen of the Night," Tiny White Daisies, and Itchy Cat

Saturday, March 26, 2011

One . In . One . Out

Today can officially be dubbed, "Purse Saturday." I decided to part with the Alexander Wang Daria that I got last week - it's now gone to live with someone else! - and just five minutes after she picked up the bag, USPS dropped off my new-to-me Louis Vuitton Multicolore Speedy in Noir!!

A very pleasant Saturday indeed :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It's another ##!$*!! gloomy day in Michigan. I was promised an early spring by that pudgy little groundhog, and instead there are school closings all across the state due to snow and ice. For serious... spring officially started already, and I'm still tromping about in a coat with fleece lining and fur collar. How much longer will I have to stare at pretty summery images without a hint of that weather here?

Pictures: Oh Fashion Model, My Paradissi, Burda Style, Orla Kiely, The Sweetest Occasion

Monday, March 21, 2011

Here . Kitty . Kitty

I've been practicing doing cat-eye liner/winged liner now since whenever it was that I became obsessed with it. Is it possible to get worse at something the more you do it? After trying loads of brushes + smudge pots, liquid liners, and pencils, I'm down to this liquid pen thing. Unfortunately the pen thing has a blunt tip (who thought that would work for any sort of eyeliner??), so I'm hunting for a pointy-tip one.

Sigh. Whenever I'd watch the Rachel Zoe Project, I always thought it to be too, too much that she always had someone to zip over and do her hair and makeup. But now... maybe I can find someone to do that kind of thing, but you know, for cheap. Or free.

Pictures: Itchy Cat, We Heart It, 3BS, Oh Fashion Model, Twenty Something Chic

Saturday, March 19, 2011


My Alexander Wang "Daria" arrived in the mail yesterday, and I must admit, I'm kind of partial to her. I wasn't at all sure about this bag when I saw it online - too plain? Too dark? Not the right size? But in person, the color - "oxblood" - is really beautiful, and the leather is perfect. I'm still not entirely certain whether or not she's a keeper, but it is one crazy pretty bag!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Want Now: Lena Erziak Bags

My eye wanders a little bit when it comes to fashion. Some women are single-brand gals, but there's so much out there, I find it tough to not lust after a little bit of everything. And as it so happens, I'm currently pretty smitten with the gorgeous offerings from Lena Erziak. The bags come in both structured and smooshy shapes, as well as a variety of leathers and textures. Tops on my list: The John and Morgan, both in mint green python. Swoon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Things { Balenciaga + Fendi }

I started searching for these Balenciaga Black Leather Slingbacks in early November - long after they were out of stores, unfortunately - and after four months of searching, had nearly given up hope of finding them. But then, the fashion gods smiled my way, and a pair in exactly my size came to live with me!

As soon as I saw the Fendi Fantasia Platforms on the SS 2011 runway, I knew I'd them. They seemed like the perfect shoe to anchor swingy spring dresses and it turns out that they're kind of magical with skinny jeans too.

Tick, tock spring weather... where are you?

Top two photos: Sea of Shoes, tPF
Middle photos: Marie Claire, Style