Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Accessory to Have

Every season, there's a slew of new "must have" accessories. All of the goodies that come out are fabulous - I'm still thinking about those Proenza Schouler gladiator platforms - but unless you have a supermodel bank account, you just can't have everything.

So what about an accessory that's trendy, designer, and has lasting appeal? The portfolio. A classic portfolio - ala vintage Gucci or Louis Vuitton - has recognition, looks super chic, and is practical. Both of the cases below can hold papers (perfect for job hunting), a couple of magazines for travel, or they even work as laptop cases!

The vintage Gucci can be found every now and then on eBay (or in designer resale shops) and you can find the Vuitton Portfolio on for $425.00.

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The black is very sleek.