Monday, September 15, 2008

Five . Fall . Favorites

(1) My sunporch, which despite having windows on all sides, I am determined to keep warm throughout the fall & winter.

(2) New Uggs. I know, I know...but they're so comfortable!

(3) My gorgeous/slightly preppy plaid coat from Shop Good Grace, a lovely and favorite store of mine.

(4) My brand spankin' new Jenni Kayne Coyote fur vest. When I saw this on Rachel Zoe in the preview commercials for her new reality show on Bravo, I knew that I had to have it. (And no, not because she had one, but because it's so pretty!) It's just so bohemian and lush! By some miracle (albeit an expensive miracle) one popped up on eBay not a day after I first saw it!

(5) The color change and the lovely sound that leaves make when they crunch underfoot.

*The fall photo is taken from Daily Dose of Imagery. This Toronto photo blog/photographer has some of the most stunning imagery that I've seen -- including this one

**Got five fall favorites of your own?? Send me your list with pictures and I'll post some of the lists over the next couple of weeks! You can find my e-mail under my profile, and please also include the name you'd like posted with your favs!


Anonymous said...

that vest looks so cozy! perfect for walking in the kind of place that's in the last photo!

lena said...

I hate to admit it but I'm crazy about my Uggs. For a good winter boot, you just can't beat them!!

teresa said...

I love all of it (and wish that I had a breakfast nook too) ;)

jo said...

hii, im trying to find a vest like that too! do you mind telling me how long the back of vest is - from top of the collar down? thanks!