Friday, January 29, 2010

Have . a . Lovely . Weekend

Brianne is a crazy/amazing thrifter!!

This post makes me want to immediately run out to British Columbia.

I do wish I could live someplace where I could have outdoor spaces like these all year round.

The funnest 1960s Tuxedo Ruffle Dress.

What's the chance that these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles are calorie free? Doesn't really matter...they look wonderful!!

Even just a few dollars to Haiti goes a long way!

Have a perfectly wonderful weekend! We're having a wall ripped out of our house (as we speak!) and some attic space finished off to make a new office in the house!

{Before...but after ripping up icky carpet}

{Still before...but after ripping out wall}

How exciting!!


The Eternal Intern said...

Good luck with the renovation! I'm sure it will look fantastic! And as tiring as it can be, it's always fun to renovate, decorate!!
Bon courage!
Flora xoxo

Linz said...

the first photo? fabulous. i use that word deliberately.

the photos of your ripped up wall? potentially awesome. i can only imagine what kind of charming space you'll create! have a wonderful weekend!

Rachel said...

Wow, I can see the potential for an office already! Looking forward to seeing the result. Good luck!
P.S Love the ruffle skirt :)

Jessica said...

I love home renovations. It's amazing to see a home come together.

I love to make cookie dough truffles at Christmas - they're my boyfriend's favorite. I basically use a recipe like this one: So easy!

i am a loser said...

please post pictures of after...would love to see.

The Cottage Cheese said...

Great links, I've been wanting to take a trip to BC for a long time. I fear if I visit Vancouver, I'll never want to leave. I can't wait to see the renovation progress. While messy, tearing out walls is so much fun!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I agree with Linz.

And the anticipation will be killing me in the process - can't wait to see what you do with the space!!

(btw, little doors like that always fascinated me when I was little ... in a scary sort of way. And I guess they still do, in a way. This is going to be a 110% improvement. Way to go!)