Monday, February 7, 2011

Cherry . Blossom

I'd been hoping for a Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Cles for awhile now, but since they were limited edition, it's difficult to find one for a less than astronomical price. So I found one for a "still ridiculously high for a key chain" but "less than bankruptcy" price :)

She + Multicolore Cles + Damier Azur Cles = A Happy Little Grouping!


Jessica said...

Congrats! Don't you love the feeling of finally picking up a piece you've been lusting for?!

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G said...

WOW!! they are beautiful!! I obviously love LV!! :)
You have a beautiful blog,I follow and...... I've just given you an award on my blog! ;)

classic • casual • home said...

A collector's item. Love it!
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

So cute, such a great choice and your photos are wonderful.