Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fenton . Fallon

So these crazy//beautiful//ginormous earrings and necklace from Fenton Fallon's spring 2012 line are statement pieces from heaven and I want, want, want them.


saira said...

The earrings are amazing, I love feather jewellery.

briannelee said...

I love their designs!

random cat said...

these are great pieces! unfortunately i probably shouldn't wear the earrings 'cause one of my best friends in the world has some weird birds and feathers phobia and she can't even look me touch any kind of feather jewelry when we go shopping, it's so funny. :)

sécia said...

That necklace is insane!

♥ sécia

Blicious said...

omg MUST HAVES!!!!


Anonymous said...

these are great, love the earrings!!!