Thursday, September 27, 2007

color. by. binding.

This will likely sound like a pretty dorky suggestion, but it's easy (as far as decorating goes), so give it a try first: organize your books by color. While this might not make books the easiest to find, it makes a statement. And best of all? It will change the look of your room FOR FREE! Try it on just one shelf first - I promise you'll be surprised at how cluttered your others books seem in comparison.


Anonymous said...

That is a neat idea, I like the appearance it gives...

My closet is actually organized that way too! Lol... tank tops, then short sleeves, then long sleeves, all by color... It's easier to find what i'm looking for that way!

Cheers darlin'! said...

kris & just bought some bookends as well as two small bookshelves and I decided to do a little color by binding! Wonderful suggestion.