Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fab for Fall: Scarves

I've never been a "scarf person" before. I tried. I always wanted to be chic enough to just throw on a scarf and have it be the perfect end to my outfit. But that never worked out. Whenever I used to put a scarf on, I either looked: (a) like my grandmother; or (b) like there was some weird, leftover fabric from my shirt hanging near my neck. Neither of these was the look I was going for.

But this fall, that's all changed. I've found scarves - and a way of wearing them - that's seems effortlessly cool and classic. (Yay!!) And while scarves are everywhere this fall - and showed up in nearly every designer's collection - there are Yea! scarves and Nay! scarves.

Below is an uber-cute punky scarf from Balenciaga. Pretty Little World loves scarves with unusual detailing, like the stitched in coins below, or thin metal chains, or metallic threading.
An example of something that would never work in the real world, and barely works on the runway in RTW collections: scarves that weigh twice as much as you do. I can't even imagine finding the room to store one of these knit pieces, let alone imagine myself wearing one to the nearest Starbucks for my morning latte. (How would I even raise my arms, or get the cup near my mouth?)
Need a couple of ideas for lovely-but-practical scarves? Try these two below: The left is a houndstooth cashmere scarf from Bajra, and is available at for $425.00. If you need to be a bit more budget conscious, try the equally appealing shredded scarf from for $20.00.

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la petite fashionista said...

love the blog! i cant wait until it gets cold enough here to wear them!