Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White . Out

I have to admit that I've been lacking much inspiration lately. The end of the semester + a kitchen remodel + the holidays coming has made me ridiculously tired. I'm also having a "growing your blog" moment, where I'm trying to figure out the best combination of what I really like to write about + what others like + what's still new and interesting. Do you ever feel like there's one really important trick for success that everyone else has access to, but for some reason it's impossible for you to figure out? Sigh...

{ List of Relaxing/Refocusing Things My Break Will Include }

1. At least one really good Bloody Mary each week
2. Watching Arrested Development (which I'm pretty sure is the funniest show ever made)
3. Reading something other than student papers
4. Spiced Ginger Snap ice cream
5. Board Games!!
6. Finishing cleaning the basement (this sounds like the least fun, but I will be SO happy once this project is finished!)

Pictures: Daydream Lily, Tropea, Anna Malmberg, Emma's Design Blog


briannelee said...

Ooo, it sounds like you have a good vacation planned!

leslie.conner said...

Spiced ginger snap ice cream!? Yum! I love the second photo… beautiful!

drollgirl said...

this is such a crazy time of year -- it is so hard to focus and get non-holiday stuff done! my blog has sucked lately. can't keep up with it all. but inspiration and ideas will HOPEFULLY return with the new year!

and i have never seen arrested development. i think you are telling me that i need to! :)