Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair . for . Going . Shopping

Dress + Headscarf: Vintage

This morning we headed down to Ann Arbor. B. wanted to go to a record show, so I always tag along to hang about at Espresso Royale, and then do a bunch of shopping. Favorites: The GetUp Vintage, Dawn Treader, and Sephora.

Since it's ridiculously nice out today, I went with a pretty black dress, and wanted some "done up but still casual" hair to go with it. So I followed this easy-as-pie tutorial from Hair Romance and love the result. I've always liked this look, but when I've given it a go in the past, it's never turned out. The crossover hair/pin trick is so simple, but makes all of the difference!


♡Shayla♡ said...

LOVE hair romance.

that looks beautiful. ha!

Hair Romance said...

Gorgeous!!! Love it.
Thank you xxxxx

briannelee said...

Very pretty!!!!

leslie.conner said...

I love that headscarf! I've been trying for quite some time to grow my hair a bit longer... that is such a lovely length!

Courtney said...

if i could EVER get my hair to look like that i'd be thrilled. my hair is limp :(