Saturday, May 10, 2008

my. very. fashiony. dream

I typically tend to dream on the strange side of things, but last night my dream was very fashiony, so I thought this would be the perfect place to share it!

The dream began with me going with a friend to her eye surgery. This apparently wasn't very serious, as we were meeting her mom - as played by Karen Allen - and some of our other friends at a fashion show right after. (note:our cool, art hipster friends.)

We went to her doctor's office, which was on a college campus, and in the waiting room I saw two people who I knew in middle school and hated. One of the girls came up to me and said my name. I said, "No, sorry," and then went to sit down.

When her surgery was done, we went to - get this - Derek Lam's fashion show, that was for some reason being held in a high school gymnasium. We met our friends and her mother and watched the fashion show. I said it was, "not quite runway, not quite ready-to-wear." (whatever that means.) I fell in love with a red and white star printed dress and decided I wanted to order it.

We all went backstage where there were TONS of people. In the dream, one of the guys I knew - as played by Peter Krause!!!!! - was trying to get another friend to do heroin. I went to ask why he was doing that, he sort of blew it off and then kissed me. All the while I could only think, "I had better not sleep with him - he's a heroin addict."

After this, I was looking at another area backstage where there was a bouncer. But when I got through to this other area, everyone had left. I went back out to my friends, and another of my cool art hipster friends was trying to do some sort of trick with salt and a french fry, then got disappointed because he couldn't do it right anymore.

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