Sunday, May 18, 2008

pretty . little . paintings

The other day as I was browsing around, I came across the work of painter Stella Im Hultberg. She paints in predominately oil and ink on paper that's been stained with tea. The effect that this creates is terribly interesting and captivating; the medium allows her the precision of ink drawings, with the fluidity of watercolor. Two of my favorites:

Like Noah's Dove. ink and oil on tea-stained paper. 12"x9". ©2006. Stella Im Hultberg

No Difference. ink and oil on tea-stained paper. 9"x12". 2006. Stella Im Hultberg

You can see more from Ms. Hultberg (and read her blog) at StellaImHultberg


kate said...

OMG. LOVE those two prints, particulary the striped leggings one. I went to her site hoping to purchase but it seems difficult! Thank you for finding her.

Pamcasso said...

These are so pretty. They look almost like fairies!

PrettyLittleWorld said...

I was hoping to buy some of her work as well - sadly I found an old blog entry of hers that says she was going to stop selling on her site and only sell limited eds. through a few select places :(

Anonymous said...

u can buy her prints off :)