Thursday, October 16, 2008

I . Heart . Your . Bag

While there's no question that I have a place in my heart for designer bags, my newest fall obsession is to find a bag that has four qualities: (1) It's gorgeous (2) It stands out (3) It doesn't have logos slapped all over it (4) It goes with lots of things

So where to find such a bag? Well ETSY of course!

The first bag is from Ilemi, a Paris-based designer whose bags I just couldn't stop staring at. They're intricate, but not overdone: no piles of hardware and zippers, or loads of ruffles; just simple, stunning craftsmanship. Her pieces don't come cheap, but one of her bags is something that is classic and that you would use forever.

The second two bags are from ValHallaBrooklyn. This artisan creates bags in a variety of designs and they all come in the loveliest of colors. Need something slouchy? Check. Something structured? Check. Need a travel bag? Check. Wallet? Check. You could do your bag and accessory shopping all in one place and have others drooling over your new finds!


Anonymous said...

That blue color is crazy pretty! You would definitely get compliments on these bags!

Natalie said...

i adore the braiding on ilemi's bags!