Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have long ago come to terms with the fact that I am a shopper. I say that both proudly, and sometimes in the way that makes it sound as though I have an addiction: "I have a shopping problem."

Either way, I've had a case of "blands" (not blahs) lately, because some of the stores that I go into have clothing that is indistinguishable from the clothing in the other stores I go into. Everything looks so much the same.

So of course, ETSY is there to provide the cure for my blands. Sellers have both great crops of handmade and vintage garments that you're sure not to see on anyone else:


From Top Left: Pretty Little World; Persephone Vintage; Shop Good Grace; My Favorite Vintage


From Top Left: Erina Wang; Idea 2 Lifestyle; Mary & Angelika; Dottie Angel


Good-Grace said...

Absolutely beautiful selections and lovely collages of the items! Great job (as always) Kristen!

Andrea said...

Lovely selections, and such a pretty palette.

Natalie said...

the blue dress with the lace collar! is that from your store?! it will be immediatley saved to my etsy favorites!

Pretty Little World said...

^^It was from my store, but someone snatched it up already -- as soon as I saw it, it so reminded me of something that Blair on GG would wear!