Monday, October 6, 2008


An unfortunate thing about living in a rental is that, for the most part, you're stuck with the features of the house. Very few landlords are willing to let tenants do much beyond a coat of "will-please-everyone" paint here and there. (And also, why put all of that work into a house that isn't really yours?)

So with my limited amounted of wiggle room, I had to take on the space that mattered most to me but looked the worst: my bathroom.

For the first year in our rental, my bathroom wasn't exactly unpleasant, but it was a not-so-attractive (okay, downright hideous) brown/rust color. So with a budget of $200, I set out to make my bathroom a bit more liveable (you'll have to excuse the limited angle photos, as my bathroom is also the size of a small closet):

(1) Paint in Cucumber Green (+ primer): $30.00
(2) Paint roller & accessories: $15.00
(3) Lightswitch Plate from The Robot Candy on ETSY: $10.00
(4) Sundew Shower Curtain from Anthropologie: $88.00
(5) Two cute ring dishes, from Eaton Pottery on ETSY: $10.00 each
(6) Rose-colored Hand Towel, from Target: $4.00

Total: $167.00!!!


Anonymous said...

wonderful job on your bathroom - great color! love the shower curtain and switch plate!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty shower curtain! I adore Anthropologie!

Anonymous said...

just goes to show that you can do great things for not alot of money!

Natalie said...

well done! i love the flower motif (esp. the light cover) and the cheery paint color. your bathroom looks like summer!

The Busy Bee said...

its aDoRaBlE! I love love love it! the color and curtain is marvelous! our bathroom looks so drab compared to that I am now inspired!