Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Black Boot vs. Black Boot

So here's the situation with my wardrobe: ALL of my boots are brown. I only own 1 brown top/sweater. Not that brown only goes with brown, but you can see that there's a big difference. So, what I need is a pair of black boots that are pretty much good for everything -- go with jeans, leggings, dresses, and can be worn in winter, spring and fall. Here are the two pairs I'm thinking of, and they're QUITE different from each other:

Fiorentini & Baker "Eternity" Boots

Jimmy Choo for Hunter Croc Stamped Boots

Which do you prefer? Or if you have other suggestions, I'd take those too!


Moodboard said...

I prefer the top style, I think it is much more versatile. But have you tried the F&B boots on? The sides are basically held up by the buckles, and they can slouch down and look messy.

Also, I believe Steve Madden has a knock off version(just to give you options;)

Have you checked out Frye's yet?

Dina's Days said...

I'd go for the top one also, I feel like you could get more use out of it. I'm the opposite, everything I own is black. I need more brown!

Katy said...

DEFINITELY the top pair. Far more versatile, I'd say.

I love my Hunters (admittedly, they're bright yellow and not Jimmy Choo) but, you know, they're rain boots. They're rubber, not leather. And not lined inside. So your feet will stick or sweat unless you wear socks, which isn't necessarily a fun idea for warmer days. And they smell quite strongly of rubber. And they are generally not good for walking in for long, having little support and being very stiff around the calves. Basically, they're just not appropriate for a wide variety of situations...really just for rainy day fun or working in the garden.

Anonymous said...


briannelee said...

I like the bottom pair more, but I guess they are more of "outdoor" boots?

lt.styling said...

I have the opposite problem - I have 5 pairs of black boots and can't find a pair of brown boots!
I would go for the top ones; the Hunter boots are rain boots, and although you could definitely pull them off as everyday boots; I just see the Hunter label and think rain boots.
Maybe that means you should get both pairs; the Hunters for rainy days and the F&B boots for everyday? :)

Ms. Jenn said...

The hunters!

drollgirl said...

i have some boots like the first pair (um, 2 pairs like them), and i love them!

ZJL said... want versatility and the J. Choos don't seem to fit the bill for me. I see you want a bit casual, but you want to wear with dresses too. I love the F&B boots. My other suggestion would be:

The Frye Shirley

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Thanks for the suggestion!!