Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I feel like there's just no way anyone will be able to convince me to see this movie... at least not in the theatre. I REALLY liked SATC as a show. Loved. The first movie... loathe. WAY too much squealing. This newest SATC film looks like more of the same. It's like they forgot what made they show so good in the first place.

... also, Carrie in the desert?? She had to be dragged kicking and screaming to upstate New York!


elsiee said...

Now ya seeeee! I am simply GIDDY with anticipation - I will enjoy it enough for both of us!!

uglygirl said...

I agree that the first film was incredibly disappointing. There was none of the witty banter from the TV series and the story line was annoying. It wasn't funny or clever. I always thought the show was better when they stayed in New York, too.

Rachel said...

I was a major fan of the series (have seen each episode 10+ times!) and the first movie; however I agree with you that the second movie does look like more of the same. But I don't think I could not see it!
Rachel x

P.S I am new to your blog and I have very quickly fallen in love with it!

spanky* said...

hmm... i really don't know about this one.
see, i luv luv luved the show... but i also LUVED the first flick...
this one, i'm not sure.. maybe when there's more of a cohesive ad out & not just the teaser.
i mean, i don't know what i'm even saying this for, bc i KNOW i'll see it... in the theatre, probably on opening weekend... probably with pre bought tickets... bc.. that's just kinda how lame i am... (yes, i was one of those ppl in an Auto-Bot t-shirt standing in line for Transformers 2.. midnight showing.. pah! i'm a loser)

anyway... i'm not sure. i thought the point of the first movie was to give a nice, solid end to a story... i'm afraid their "jumping the shark"...
the desert thing is bi'zare.

cute bloggie*

Maddy said...

I have to agree with you on this one! The show was smart & sexy and I was a loyal fan. And though I waited anxiously for the first movie, I was very disappointed with the end result! I think they got a little too "carried away" with the gimmicks & fluff. I will probably wait for the DVD release on the next one.

tee said...

I liked the first movie because it was so grand; I love big, shiny things. :) But this sequel strikes me as a whole lot of nothing. They've been alluding up to it for what feels like years yet I couldn't tell you what it was actually about. Idk, we'll see.

Happy New Year!

<3 always,

shazzam said...

i couldn't agree MORE