Sunday, February 7, 2010

A . Little . Wear . and . Tear

This weekend has been filled with even more tearing up of rooms in our home. The walls are up and primed in the office nook upstairs, and we'll have the floor there finished next weekend!

Yesterday we ripped up what turned out to be four layers of old linoleum, sub-flooring, and tar paper in our downstairs, and we ripped out an old and unattractive and very pointless built-in cabinet as well.

{Before: With Linoleum & Cabinet}

{After: Pretty Wood Floors}

There's more linoleum, and carpet, and laminate flooring to rip up, so the downstairs is going to be a time-consuming project for sure, but it will look so much better when it's all done!

I hope everyone else is having a lovely weekend!


Style (R)evolution said...

Impressive... Its gonna be gorgeous when your done :)))))

briannelee said...

Nice! Can't wait to see pictures of it when it is done!

cassaundra said...

wow.. seems like a lot of work, but look at that hard wood! gorgeous!

Louise said...

wow, well done for all the hard work! It certainly looks worth it x

drollgirl said...

LINOLEUM BE GONE!!! i LOATHE linoleum!!! and of course it is all over the place where i live (i rent). the hardwood is going to be 14 SCRILLION TIMES BETTER!!! lotsa work, but it will look amazing!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, what a huge difference, it's almost unrecognizable! I'm having so much fun seeing your home's transformation. It sounds crazy, but because I haven't been doing much renovation work lately, the thought of all of that demo actually sounds fun to me. It's the reveal that makes it worthwhile - that moment when you stand up and see your nice open space and those original hardwoods and know you've uncovered a treasure that you get to enjoy for years to come.