Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I've been on the hunt for a new bicycle recently. I have a vintage Schwinn, and I kind of love it, but it needs a new tire, and is a pinch on the rusty side. So I figured I'd splurge a bit and get a new bicycle.

We have a lot of local bicycle shops, and I found the perfect one at my first stop: A pretty Electra Townie in sea green with cream tires. Then I saw the price tag: $850.00. I may have gone to three or four hundred, but almost one thousand just to tool around town seemed excessive.

Part of me thinks I should just go for it, but the practical part keeps says, "That's ridiculous." Does anyone have suggestions for good ladies' bicycles that aren't outrageously priced?

Pics: Agent Bauer, Flickr, Fashion Lane, The Ecclectic


Teresa said...

Zooey is sooo cute! Vintage bikes are all the rage these days! Have you tried Craigslist? I wanted to get the Liberty of London bike at Target but they sold out so quickly. :(

Pretty Little World said...

^^ You actually are okay having missed that bike. They had it at my local Target, and I was going to get it, but the seat was one of the most uncomfortable things ever!

Starr Crow said...

i'm in need of a great bike too! $850 seems a little high, but that's just b/c I'm cheap. I saw some handmade bikes on etsy today and LOVED them. they're still expensive, but cheaper than the one your looking at.


Away with the fairy's said...

Im still striving to find the perfect bike! lovely post :)


Mother of Style said...

I like the handles onthe bike int he ZD picture- all it needs is a cute little basket on the front :)

Pinecone Camp said...

I would love a snazzy new, yet vintagey, bike! Great post...love all the pics.
Have a lovely day!