Monday, June 14, 2010


I love these pictures for their clean backgrounds and brightness - this kind of look wouldn't always work, but these are rather mesmerizing.

In other news, B.'s mom came up from Ohio for a few days, and since it was the first time that she'd seen the house, we were crazy busy last week trying to get everything together. It was a fun weekend - we went thrifting, showed her around the area, went for a hike, and had loads of good food!

How was everyone elses' weekend?

Pics: Rich Magazine


Bird in an Aviary said...

oh god, i love the pull!
do you know where it´s from?!

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Do you mean the editorial, or the pullover in the 2nd pic?

Mother of Style said...

We celebrated my birthday 2 months late with extended family :D

I like the look in black, but I can't get into clothing with eyes on them. Faces are ok, but just eyes throws me off, for some reason.

Copious Couture said...

I agree I can't take my eyes off these pictures!!! So amazing!


drollgirl said...

love the first shot. just beautiful, simple, and elegant.

and glad you had a nice weekend. mine was pretty good, and i wish the next one was hear already!