Tuesday, July 13, 2010

On . the . Waterfront

So in this post I was wishing for the beach. And then today I thought, "Why not just go?" So while we maybe can't afford just to just run off to someplace tropical, we did make a reservation to spend a few days at Lake Huron - in a beachfront cabin no less!

Lake Huron is lovely. We used to spend time there during the summers, but it's been nearly ten years since I've been, so I'm really looking forward to this little mini-break... and also quite lucky that we live close to my parents, and they're always nice enough to look after the house & animals for us!! { Thanks mom & dad!! }


briannelee said...

Oh nice! I hope you have a wonderful getaway :)

My Dream Garden said...

How cool! Do you live in Michigan or Canada? We're close to Lake Erie and are headed to Lake Michigan tomorrow. Absolutely love it! We have stayed in East Tawas and Oscoda right on Lake Huron. Wonderful. We were right on the beach. Seems easier to find a place to stay right on the beach on Lake Huron than on Lake Michigan. I love your blog!

drollgirl said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOH, i hope you enjoy your mini break!

i have a beach vacation soon. i just can't wait! gah.