Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mid-Week . Outfit + Holy Gossip Girl!

Sweater: JCrew
Jeans: Elle for Kohls
Necklace: ETSY (a X-Mas present from Mom!!) from Autumn Art
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell "Daisy-D" Wedges

I don't have a ton of outfit pics today because I have a killer headache, but c'est la vie. What I do have is a pretty new pair of shoes and a ton of questions about what's been happening on Gossip Girl lately. Spoilers ahead!!

First of all, I don't think that I can take any more of Serena. Like, for serious. The only role that she has on the show at this point is to hem & haw over which pretty face she wants for her boy toy. And they always make it into such a serious problem, like: "Hmmm, do I want to have an affair with my billionaire neighbor/professor/lothario who's professed his love for me even though we've never spent any significant time together? Or perhaps crazy stepbrother Dan, whose multiple personality disorder allows him to shift from loving & dependable one week to kind of a scheming douche bag the next? Or yet still, Nate, with whom I could sit about and do nothing with, because we have the combined intelligence of a first grader? "


Also, can't these nutty kids ever run into each at say, a coffee shop? Or a store? Or something? Like, are there really that many 20 year olds hanging about at a ballet? Me thinks probably not.

But at least now we can look forward to whatever shenanigans Juliet + Vanessa + Jenny will be going through with. Though whatever they come up with, I can't imagine it will be very complicated, as Juliet seemed to think it would be a-okay to tattle on her cousin/sole-provider, Collin, to the dean, but right in front of his face. In related news, did anyone else wonder why Juliet was contacting Jenny (saying, "you probably don't know me") when Vanessa was sitting right there? Jenny would clearly know Vanessa, so... but, whatever, it's likely beside the point.

And the point? That these teens have some serious extra time on their hands, despite all being enrolled in an ivy league school. Though they can possibly all get by because they seem to be besties with the dean.

** For a more realistic depiction of how administrators might act when faced with silver-spoon-fed youngsters, see The Social Network in which the Winkelvoss twins get laughed at by the President of the school and told that he doesn't really care anything about them or what they want.


Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

you look great! Love the shoes and that necklace!

megan said...

i love the necklace! will you share what etsy shop it came from? :)

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Added!

Anonymous said...

That necklace is great, and I love your shirt. One of my fav colors!

Copious Couture said...

That necklace is so stunning!!!!! You look very fall chic!!!


Amanda said...

I absolutely love those shoes!! Great Gossip Girl recap - I'm sure in between all the scheming they are really hitting the books - ha!

Plum for Polly said...

Ok the pics wouldn't load ealier so I couldn't see ur daisy d in that I have I have to say----loooove it! It's the first time I've seen them in real life. You did them proud mama!!!

Cindy Gabriella said...

i love your shoes! and i'm also a huge fan of Gossip Girl. i can't wait to see the next episode, totally curious about what Juliet, Vanessa, and Jenny are about to do

briannelee said...

Love the sweater and shoes!

I know GG is getting on my nerves lately. Ugh, I hate them all right now. It seems like they keep recycling the same plot lines too. Something new needs to happen!

TheBeautyFile said...

I don't know, I'm kind of always obsessed with GG. No matter how insane or ridiculous they get, I just love watching them. It's such great eye candy and witty banter from Blair. Serena's character is getting a bit annoying!

drollgirl said...

i haven't seen it yet, so i am not reading the post.

i am kind of tired of the show. i think i just watch to see what they are wearing, and to see who looks pretty and who doesn't each week. the show is kind of annoying! dopey! not sure how much longer i will tune in. humph. and i used to think nate was hot, but his koolaid lips and weird voice are starting to bug me!

yes, i can be so fickle!

hannah, heart city said...

great look- love the jeans with the big heels!