Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walkin . After . Midnight

When we were house hunting a couple of years ago, we looked for what felt like forever. When we first started, I thought one of the most important things would be to get a house that looked completely adorable on the outside (I'm maybe still not convinced that was the wrong thing). But ultimately choosing the right house came down to two questions: does the house have all or at least most of the features we hoped for, and more important, do we like the neighborhood we live in?

Because, lets face it, you make all the changes to a house that you want, but you're stuck with the location.

We got lucky and found a house in the same neighborhood that we'd been renting in, and we still love it here. We can walk to all manner of restaurants, shops, and cafes, + when the weather is nice, there are always people out. Early in the morning, late in the evening, people are out gardening, walking their dogs, biking... it's just a really friendly space.

Tonight was the first night that it's really been warm enough for us to want to walk about, and it was a positively lovely evening stroll indeed.

P.S. - Unfortunately the green house is not ours, but it was oh so pretty, and just begged to have its picture taken :)


sami. said...

i am so glad spring has finally sprung! lovely pictures of a cute neighborhood!

ps. check out my print giveaway! very cute for blank walls!

briannelee said...

Love all the bright colors!

Courtney said...

Our last neighborhood was like that. We rented there and couldn't quite afford to buy there. I am hoping our next place will be there because it's full of bookstores, galleries, antique shops, etc., but still not too trendy. I love our current house. The location is good (close to downtown, etc.) but the neighborhood's a little iffy. I like that it's diverse. I don't like the crack houses and busy streets. Your neighborhood looks perfect. Pretty photos. I am excited for spring.

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

So pretty!

drollgirl said...

your pictures are rad! and your neighborhood looks lovely!

i like where i live -- so much. i LOATHE my landlord, but my neighborhood is so fab that i put up with her and her nonsense. sigh. but having a nice and safe and pretty neighborhood to enjoy is a major plus in life!