Saturday, May 7, 2011

Best { Multicolor }

Sorry that I've been a bit silent over the last couple of days. The end of the semester is always a crazy time, but things should be back to a normal schedule come Monday!

Pictures: David Wile and Wood & Wool Stool


Courtney said...

i love looking at fabric, yarn, and brightly colored buttons.

Jessie said...

Hey, I don't have her contact details, but because she works at Oyster Mag I would assume it's

Good luck, it's a rad coat! x

RKC said...

First off let me say I adore your blog! You are a lady after my own heart ^_^ My comment is actually a question which is rather unrelated to your post but I desperately want to know: On the right side of your blog you have buttons labeled "fashion" "design" and "outfits," i was wondering how you got posts with certain labels to link to those buttons? What does the HTML code look like? If you could let me know that would be amazing! Thanks! -Rachel

RKC said...

Hello again!
Revision to my last comment: i figured out how to link the buttons to certain blog post labels! I am so silly! It turned out to be very simple! Thanks!