Saturday, May 14, 2011


Skirt: American Apparel
Blouse: Banana Republic
Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Earrings: Forever21

This outfit is actually from a couple of days ago, but as we all know, Blogger has been a bit wackadoo lately.

I almost never go into American Apparel - the bright neon + rude employees + kind of creepy ads all freak me out. However, I saw this skirt in the window and was so swayed by the pretty pleats and shocking color that I had to venture inside. It's so comfortable and lovely that I'm thinking about getting it in a different color too! Is that wrong?

This is also my newest favorite belt. I found it at Lamb's Gate for $5.00 - isn't that little gold cowboy hat perfection?! - and I've been wearing it with a variety of jeans and skirts alike. Love.


Vasu said...

beautiful the earrings

briannelee said...

Aw, love that belt!