Sunday, May 22, 2011


This weekend was filled with a little collection of pretty, fluffy things - the dandelions have started to turn all around the city, and some of the empty lots are covered with them.

We also had this little fuzzy sparrow sitting in our back garden. It was so cute to see him ruffling his fuzz and feathers! The egg of the nesting dove outside the antique store has also hatched and is now is sizable little chick - momma dove keeps trying to cover all of her little bird, but he's too big and keeps poking out!

The rest of the weekend was filled with an art festival, lots of shopping, + dinner with friends. I hope that everyone else had a weekend that was just as lovely!


the classy turtle ♥ said...

oh that bird is so cute!

briannelee said...

Awww, such a cute birdie!

drollgirl said...

love your pictures! so frakkin' cute!!!