Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It . Girl

{ Interview Russia via tFS }

Lana del Rey's new album (first album??) hits iTunes today, and I'm honestly pretty excited to give it a listen. About a month ago people were all crazy over her SNL performance, as though it were the worst ever. I loved it though. It was weird.lovely.amazing. She's kind of like the songstress version of a David Lynch film. So, perfect, even if you don't understand all of it.


sécia said...

I hadn't heard of her until seeing you post. You give a perfect description of her. Love. Thanks for sharing!

♥ sécia

leavesofgrass said...

she is such a lightning rod amongst my friends! some hate, some love....i love Video Games though

Courtney said...

i think she's stunning and mysterious. i thought she looked like a 1960s prom queen on snl and just sounded like someone who could definitely sing but who didn't have the live-performance experience of a big pop star yet. i mentioned her in a facebook status update, and a friend alerted me to the fact that she's had some work done. i looked up older photos of her. sort of strange. regardless, she's very intriguing.