Saturday, February 11, 2012


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This incredible unseasonably warm weather (which is taking a slight siesta today - we have snow everywhere) has led me to 100% believe that spring is like, three days away. Every morning while getting dressed, I have a little conversation with myself that involves wondering whether I can wear platform sandals yet. I can't, but I have settled on open-toed shoes a few times.

And since spring is almost surely, very nearly here, I can start thinking about summer too. Summer is filled with floaty bohemian dresses + skirts, and I've begun adding to my collection of 1970s dresses a little ahead of time:

Dress number one was a lucky thrift store find ($5.00 people!!) - it needs mending in a couple of places, but it's lovely nonetheless. Dress number two was an ETSY purchase from the very lovely Sally Jane Vintage.

Weekend homework: Let's collectively wish for spring, and it will be here in no time!!


Anonymous said...

ok, I'm in on this!!! let's all wish for spring!!!

beautiful dresses, can't believe the bargain you made :)

random cat said...

this is the definition of bohemian! so pretty! and the dresses... i would get excited for the spring too:)

Anleah said...

Pretty little pictures! We don't have a hint of spring here :(