Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday . Gift . Guide : Art

Above, From Top Left: (1) Love Candy, Cotton Candy Poster at Jennifer Ramos; (2) French Wooden Alphabet at Bibitty; (3) Cascade Wall Graphic at Elly Nelly; (4) Baby Deer Fine Art Print at Sharon Montrose

Above, From Top Left: (1) "Old Town" Fine Art Photograph at Alicia Bock; (2) "Cherry" Fine Art Photograph at Poof NY; (3) "I'm in Love" Fine Art Photograph at Scarlet Beautiful; (4) "Lost" Fine Art Photograph at Poof NY

Above, From Top Left: (1) Llama Love Set at DolaMakes; (2) Large Screenprinted Bowl at Ninainvorm; (3) Set of Porcelain Cups at Kristen K. Swanson; (4) Bowl to My Heart at Ninainvorm

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely want one of everything! The llamas are cute, the birds are cute, the deer is cute, Oh my - all so cute!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Thank you for featuring MadeByGirl...I don't mind at all...thanks.! Would you like to exchange links as well? I am adding more links..let me know. : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Your blog is so lovely!! The recent post with the home photos from Light Locations is just stunning!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Thanks! You're so sweet! : ) I saw my link...will link you now.

All the best,
Jen Ramos

dolamakes said...

Thank you for sharing our llamas. Great blog. I'm always happy to see bloggers that care (pretty-little-gifts 11/12. Not a problem at all. Mind if we link to you?

All the best!

Pretty Little World said...

^^ Not at all!! Thanks so much for the kind words ;)