Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My . Dream . Ceiling

So does that phrase sound a bit odd? I guess when I imagined my perfect house, I'd never given much thought to what the ceilings would look like. This was true at least until I saw artist Lisa Bengtsson's gorgeous.amazing.must have ceiling wallpaper:

You can order this custom wallpaper from the Swedish site Bjorklund & Wingqvist for about $115.00, which seems like a crazy bargain if you ask me. The site is all in Swedish, so you have to click around a bit to find things, but it's worth it - there's loads of other gorgeous wallpaper available on the site as well!

Have fun clicking!

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Kimmie.K said...

Wow--that wallpaper is gorgeous! I just found your blog through Lollishops. I'm a member, too. Nice finding you!