Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pretty . Little . Gifts

While my Christmas List keeps growing (and getting more costly by the day) the holidays are also an excellent time to remember that a lot of people need things much more basic than expensive accessories.

The Hunger Site partnered with Mercy Corps make it easy and really affordable for everyone to help out. By going to The Hunger Site Store: Gifts That Give More, you can do loads of good for as little as $20!!

(1) Send Two Girls in Afghanistan to School - $20.00

(2)Protect Five Children in Burma with Immunizations - $10.00

(3) School Uniforms for Girls in Rural Africa - $25.00

If everyone who reads this blog gave one such gift, think how many people that would help! And don't forget to pass this on - it's a cliché, but one person can make a huge difference.

Help to make a Pretty Little World for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post - and the site you suggest does alot of wonderful things around the world.