Friday, February 13, 2009

Superhero . Friday

Even though they're a year old, I've lately been obsessed.obsessed with Luella Batgirl sunglasses that she sent down the SS 08 runway. (If anyone knows where I can still find a pair, let me know!!)

Happy superhero Friday!!

Pics from Vogue and tPf


drollgirl said...

RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you can pull off this look, you are super cool!

east side bride said...

This look is suddenly *everywhere* !

I guess we all need a little superhero/fetish in an economic downturn.

ana b. said...

What a cool post! I always always wanted to be some type of superhero. Preferably one who can read people's minds.

Driftwood & Chandelier said...

Great Pictures!