Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let . the . Right . One . In

I'm a smidge on the obsessive side when it comes to vampire movies/tv shows. I recently watched the first season of Moonlight -- ugh. This show suffered from copycatting others (Angel, Forever Knight), bad acting, and bad writing.

So I was thrilled this week when the Swedish vampire film, Let the Right One In was released. I've been waiting to see this film since last fall, but it never came to a theatre around here, though it was certainly worth waiting for.

The film had stunning cinematography, great acting (two 12 year old kids way outshined most other adult actors whom I can think of), and it was haunting for the implications that were conveyed through great storytelling -- it didn't rely on gimmicks like so many Hollywood films.

I also loved that Eli - the little girl vampire - wandered around in fabulous combinations of vintage lace pants and baggy sweaters:


Of course, she didn't need to wear shoes (being a vampire and all), but these looks would look great with flat booties or sandals also!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Being Human yet? (BBC) you can catch it online. :)

ana b. said...

Wow! I've definitely got to catch this. How about True Blood the tv series? That's one of the more compelling vampire-themed series' I've seen. Hey! Has your blog changed? Nice.

wroxton said...

Eli is played by a girl but the character is actually a boy. They hint this when the two kids are in bed and Eli asks, "What if I'm not a girl?" and then later in the movie, you see that he/she has been castrated. I heard the book goes into more detail and I can't wait to read it.

Tina said...

If you love this movie, definitely read the book.