Friday, March 20, 2009

I . Want . This . Too

So technically, I do in fact understand the benefits of saving money. But I also know that money sitting in the bank does not carry around my belongings, the way a pretty new purse does.

It's difficult to weigh the pros of saving when there's just so much good shopping to be done! For instance, my new Fendi should completely satisfy me for years, or something like that. And I love it. Yet, well, I'm already thinking about what my next bag will be.

At first I thought it would be a Chanel flap -- classic, and perfect. Now, though, I kind of have a taste for these buttery soft pieces of accessory heaven:

I didn't use to like Balenciaga bags much, but look at all of those yummy colors!! What's a girl to do?!

P.S. Against my better judgment, tonight I'm going to see The Last House on the Left. When I first saw the trailer, I couldn't wait for this film to come out. But now that it has, I've had to talk myself into it, as I hear it's pretty much super icky.gory.icky from start to finish...I like horror films, but not ones that are just gross to be gross:

P.P.S. Wish me luck and I'll let you know how this one turns out!


The Cottage Cheese said...

Love scary movies, hate graphic gore. Good luck tonight, you may be averting your eyes through a few scenes. Have you seen "Session 9"? It's a good eerie but not too gross movie.

Those handbags are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I don't like gross movies either, but good luck!!

drollgirl said...

oh those bags are just fantastic!!!!

Awesome Sara said...

i love gross movies!!! i want those bags too!! i hate you right now bc I am also trying to save $$$ and you got to show off these bags. bitch.

cc- session 9 is awesome!!!

Awesome Sara said...

hey, i commented back on your comment to my rental decor. i wasn't sure if you check back after you post. nothing bad, don't worry. it was too long to post here.

Katy said...

I love the orange and the pale blue!

Amanda Mae said...

I love my balegenciga bag. I throw literally everything into it! It's outlasted nearly all of my romantic relationships :)

Good-Grace said...

A Fendi bag! holy moly... in my dreams. And, yes, these Balenciaga bags are divine.