Monday, March 16, 2009

Wedding . Ruffles

When I first saw the tiered Analisa dress from JCrew, I kind of liked it. The layers of ruffles are gorgeous, but something about the proportioning of the dress makes it look bulky.

So as I was browsing through ETSY yesterday -- a dangerous habit, to be sure -- I came across The Intrepid Evening Dress by Amour sans Anguish:

Amour sans Anguish Photography by Matt Fredrick

...I definitely fell in love a little bit when I saw the dress on ETSY (right). It has the gorgeous ruffles of the Analisa dress (left), but a far more elegant silhouette. And considering it's so pretty AND handmade, it's probably really expensive, right?

Nope -- the JCrew Analisa Dress = $3,000; the Intrepid Evening Dress = $398!!!

Which is your favorite?


briannelee said...

I like the Intrepid Evening Dress better, but I think it would be so hard to order your wedding dress online. At least the J Crew one you can return. You should check out their sale section, sometimes they have their wedding dresses marked down.

drollgirl said...

the one on left is not so flattering and might make many look heavy. the one on the right is much better, but i still think you'd have to be pretty thin to pull it off. bulky doesn't work for everyone!

Awesome Sara said...

I WANT THEM BOTH!!! I swoon for ruffles.

one little simitopian said...

The one on the right- no contest there. I love the high neckline, it's so much prettier than the singlet strap thing thats going on with the first one. Also the first one would make me look like a big meringue or something i think.
Ruffles are pretty, but must be artfully placed! The designers of the 2nd dress know their stuff!

Bethany@BudgetBride said...

I actually prefer the dress from J. Crew. I like how it flows, and I'm never a fan of a high neckline.

I think J. Crew dresses are waaaay overpriced, however. Brides talk about them as if they're some kind of cheap alternative, but really, they're not.

carina said...

this dress is beautiful, but i could never, ever pull it off. i would look like a clown.