Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday . Favorites

Today's less favorite moments:

-- really.really.realizing that Borders is going out of business
-- walking through the Ann Arbor Art Festival in 90 degree heat
-- traffic. because there's always traffic when you're tired and just want to get home

Today's favorite moments:

-- scoring a slew of the current international fashion mags for 40% off! (ss Borders!)
-- walking through the Ann Arbor Art Festival
-- f r a p p u c c i n o
-- black bean and butternut squash quesadillas for lunch
-- bringing home a slice of heavenly chocolate layer cake from Zingermann's
-- finding this embroided denim vest + a pile of embroidered gauzy dresses + some for serious rare records at the antique mall
-- getting home to find my new business cards had arrived!


Theresa said...

LOve the vest! My son John lives just a few houses from Zingermans, I don't think he's ever eaten there, being poor+vegan+student and all. I love Kerry Town and would move there in a heart beat. I was there on WEd. but didn't make it to the art fest... too hot for all of us. I did make it to Trader Joes though! John said there is a new vintage clothing store in town, owned by a seamstress from NYC. If you haven't found it yet, I can get the name of it for you.
Have a fabulous weekend! t. xoxoox

sécia said...

I'm sad about Borders too.

♥ sécia

megan said...

i feel so sad about borders, too -- i made so many memories there. but i enjoyed reading your lovely favorites!

MissBliss said...

glad you favorite list is longest :)

we had a great borders in Ft. Lauderdale on a marina...

sad too about them.

xo xo from Miami Beach

briannelee said...

Ah, I love Zingermann's! Such good cheese there.

Pretty Little World said...

Theresa -- I know Zingermann's has a ton of vegetarian options, but I must say I don't know about vegan - esp. since one of the things they focus on is cheese!!

You may have to try it despite John - there sandwiches and desserts are ridiculous!!

I haven't heard about the new vintage store either - what's the name of it??

Brianne - I just die for their cheeses and breads - so good!! Have you ever sampled their balsamic vinegars?? We've never dropped the $$ on some of the older ones, but even just a little sample is wonderful!