Monday, July 25, 2011

Shabd . Is . My . Name

Tie-Dye can be, well, difficult. It is very, very hard to find pieces that don't make you look like you're a heartbeat away from becoming a Deadhead and wandering off to see Woodstock 25 or something.

Shabd Is My Name is kind of amazing in that their tie-dye prints (on silk and jersey) are bold enough to be noticed, but they look modern and not too hippie-dippy. With a slew of dresses + separates + swim + accessories + even some menswear, their online shop is brimming with sleek, prettily printed goodies.

Bonus: They gravitate toward gorgeous models who don't make me feel like I need to diet for a month to be able to look good in their clothes.


briannelee said...

Oooo, love the yellow dress!

Casie Jean said...

these are lovely, I've never really liked tie-dye until now! And yay to using an average body type to showcase their pieces! xxx

thekellytang said...

Beautiful! I love tiedye! <3

<3 Kelly