Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday . Favorites

Top Row (from left): {1} Antique Bird Cage "borrowed" from my parents + now filled w/green moss; {2} Vintage polka dot dress that I was unable to part with; {3} Vintage wagon filled w/sand and pretty plants
Middle Row (from left): {4} My new Electra Amsterdam, which arrived this week!; {5} Mexican grilled sweet corn that we made last night - so delicious!; {6} this little bird wall hanging that's kind of cheesy, but that I kind of love anyway
Bottom Row (from left): {7} A few of this week's antique store finds; {8} These people have daisies instead of weeds in the cracks of their driveway!; {9} Summer nail colors from Chanel - Morning Rose and Beige Petale

My Friday today is ridiculously busy - it's 11am now, and I'm already behind! I have store trips, bank trips, dry cleaning trips, calls to make, a house to clean, + evening guests!

How's your Friday looking??


KristiMcMurry said...

Wow, you are a busy girl! Hope you get everything done :) My friday is pretty relaxed...nothing to do after work! I guess you're running around enough for the both of us. Also, I love those nail colors! Especially the Beige Petale.

sécia said...

Beautiful Electra. I recently bought one as well and I love it!

♥ sécia

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...

Love the bike! And the birdcage that you "borrowed"!
As it is the end of the day now, hope you are having a glass of wine to relax!

Courtney said...

oh my god! i LOVE the bike. have fun riding it. it's beautiful.