Thursday, March 1, 2012

Radio Silence

From Moon to Moon

Sorry for the long gap(s) between posts recently. There's been a whole slew of crazy stuff going on at work + I've been spending some time catching up with old friends + we've been doing some things around the house + I've been trying to spend a little more free time reading books that I've had on my "Want to Read" list for, like, ever.

In any case - I'm headed to Chicago this coming weekend, and then perhaps Cleveland after that, but I PROMISE that I'll be back to some kind of regular posting soon.

I hope that absolutely.positively.everything is going well for all of you and I'll see you all very shortly!!



briannelee said...

Have fun in Chicago! I am going next weekend. Its such a great city.

random cat said...

As long as everything is ok and you are having fun it's fine:)