Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Years In...

I get tired of the way things look very often. Offffftennn. And while a winning lottery ticket would allow me to simply refurnish the house whenever I felt like it, well, I don't have a winning lottery ticket. So yesterday I rearranged all of the furniture in the upstairs so things simply felt new. Here's how it went:

Master bedroom --> What was previously the guest bedroom.
Guest Bedroom + Office --> What was previously the master bedroom.
Reading nook --> What was previously the office (really just a space for a large desk that no one ever used)

I wish that I'd taken some "before" pictures of how it had been arranged, but I almost never remember that sort of thing until after the moving has happened. So I have some "before" pictures of what the upstairs was like when we first bought the house and will have to make due with those.

Hall Space Before:

Reading Nook After:

{ Papasan Chair from World Market; End Tables from Pier I; Antique Rugs; Vintage Chair + Ottoman }

Bedroom Before:

Guest Bedroom / Office After:

{ Bedding, Sheepskin, Rug, Chair, Desk all from IKEA; Floral Prints from a Vintage Book; Vintage Deer; Antique Bird Cage; Vintage Typewriter Table; Lamp from Pier I; Antique Dress found in Prague }

Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom After:

{ Bed Frame, Bedding, and Cabinet all from IKEA; Antique Wooden Wheelchair; Antique 1800s Irish Framed Print }

I still need some wall things here and there and maybe another plant or two, but overall I'm pretty please with the way that the rearrangement went. Now that everything is moved about, it quite feels like this is the way the house is meant to be. Which of course makes me feel silly that for the last few years that I've been one evening of work away from a much more pleasing space. Such is life...


briannelee said...

Pretty! I love all of the green and especially love your display case of purses :)

Mila♥ said...

all you room's are so pretty, and elegant, i relly like the white and green, it looks a little wild, like you are in the jungle, i really, really liked :)

random cat said...

it's really beautiful! you had 3 years to figure out what works the best, that's how i see it. i moved in this apartment(rented, though) a year and a half ago and only now do i feel that things are functional and i still am not satisfied how everything looks.

ItsAllAboutTheCats said...


Theresa said...

Oh I just knew that your home was going to be gorgeous! I love all of it.. the little plastic deer are the perfect touch! I wish we had a little reading nook like that, I can see the kids all curled up engrossed in their latest book... t.xoxoxoo

JovanaJevdjic said...

Savrseno. Perfect.

Lindsay Ann Hinkle said...

tooooooooooo cute! what a great transformation!! i love how the light blue works with everything. its nice to switch things up every once in a while!

Anonymous said...

Change takes time and inspiration, and it seems like you're getting the hang of it.
I really like the Bambis and the botanical pictures, those make for a nice touch!

-Iddie Doll