Tuesday, April 22, 2008

celebrity. style.

Ginnifer Goodwin attended the opening night at The Met last night, looking lovely as ever:

Ms. Goodwin has a fortunate habit of being quite fashionable and ever-so-pretty. She also recently attended Prada's Trembled Blossoms screening in an adorable and chic combination of a Prada floral dress and cardigan:

What I can't understand is how she can be in a relationship with actor Chris Klein (aka Katie Holmes's ex). What do I have against Klein? Each issue of Elle magazine ends with an interview with a different male actor, musician, athlete, etc. Klein was once interviewed for this feature, and gave the most chauvinstic, arrogant responses I have ever heard or read uttered. I was so disgusted by his comments that I was tempted to write Elle asking that they apologize for printing it.

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