Friday, April 25, 2008

pretty. little. flowers.

One of my favorite things to do when rummaging through an antique store is to look at vintage photographs and try to imagine a little bit about the people in the photos. I would love to have a wall in my home of a somewhat random collection of framed polaroids from the 1960s/70s. The problem with this is that polaroids are tiny photos - to really see them you'd have to press your nose right up to the frame.

How to fix this?

Take new photos that looks old. This can be acheived by using a photographic technique called "Through the Viewfinder," which involves using both digital and vintage box cameras. The scratchier the lense on the box camera, the better.

The effect is that you come out with photos that look 40 years old - and you can print them/have them printed in a size that's suitable for framing. Here are a couple of my first attempts at this style:

There are also photographers that I've found on ETSY who take marvelous pictures in this style:

(1) "Garden Pail" print, $8.00, from ScarletBeautiful2:

^^I ordered a copy of this and it's really quite lovely up close!

(2) "When We Are Old" print, $35.00, from Alicia Bock:

...whose photos I desperately want all of!


Natalie said...

what a great idea--i've always been curious about this photo process.

Good-Grace said...

just found your blog... LOVE IT! And I agree with "natalie" (comment above), I've always been curious how this photographic look was achieved - thanks for sharing!

Now I need to go add your blog to my google reader. ;)